10 Tips to Qualify a Vehicle Wrap Shop

The most common use of a vehicle / truck wrap is to promote your business and create brand awareness.

A vehicle / truck custom wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of a custom vehicle wrap will allow you to change your  vehicle’s appearance quickly and in turn allows you to remove the wrap and return the vehicle  back to its original condition, if necessary.

A wrap is a custom-made product and is not a mass-produced item bought off a shelf. As such, wraps are created by craftsmen who are personally and intricately linked with the quality of their offerings. When matching your needs with a vehicle wrap shop, it is important to take into consideration factors that go into a vehicle wrap. Nobody likes being disappointed in their expectations and nobody likes surprises.

Items to consider when choosing a custom vehicle wrap shop.

1. Do they have a dedicated Shop / Facility?

A crucial factor is if the business has dedicated time & money to creating a controlled & professional environment for installing wraps. This is especially important for quality control purposes and to ensure the quality of the finished product.

2. Do they work full-time or part-time?

Is this the primary function of the professional? Do they spend time perfecting their craft or are they hobbyist looking for extra money on the side? The motivations and personal stake in delivering a quality product can certainly be affected by the answer to this question.

3. What specific films are they using?

A professional vehicle wrap shop should precisely know the vinyl films they are using and why. They should know the difference between low-cost calendared films and higher priced cast films. They should know the differences and pros/cons of each. Before choosing a custom vehicle wrap shop, ask!

4. Are they using manufactured specified products?

To ensure product warranty, it should be produced using correctly matched manufacturer films. Mixing & matching components may lower the cost but will also lower the quality and destroy any potential warranty claim. Ask the shop if they use the manufacturer’s recommended components.

5. Does the wrap shop supply examples of the specific colors?

A custom printed wrap for a commercial project should have a Live Proof for color approvals. Ask for live samples.

6. Do they have Certified Installers?

A certified installer must demonstrably prove their ability to professionally install vehicle wraps using the manufacturers film(s). Plenty of experienced and competent installers do not have a recognized certification; however, they are not able to claim a manufacturer’s warranty if an issue arises. So, not a deal breaker (especially if the shop has an excellent reputation) but a question certainly worth asking.

7. Are they insured?

Any damage or issues that may arise with your project will be incredibly difficult to resolve if the shop you choose does not have full coverage. No insurance should be a big red flag.

8. What is their current workload / how long will it take to wrap your vehicle(s)?

Wraps require specialized products, time to process and prepare, time to prep the vehicle and, of course, time to do the wrap installation itself.
These impact schedules and a reputable shop should have a clear & reliable picture of their current capabilities.

9. Do they require you to wash the vehicle fully & thoroughly before arriving?

Experienced shops do not want to take their valuable time with tasks such as scraping bugs and grime from your vehicle before they can start. Ask about any prep work to be done beforehand.

10. Do they back up their work?

What is their policy if something fails, pops loose or peels back? Note, we are not talking about external damage or failure to maintain the wrap. A wrap shop cannot be expected to handle events outside their control.


Yes, I know, it’s a lot to take in. Custom vehicle wraps are complicated by their nature. Choosing a shop that is knowledgeable and has a good reputation (like Core Prints) is vital. It is in everyone’s best interest to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible. We all win in the end.
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